Seafarers Qualification Recognition is on Progress

ENDORSEME: Enabling Seafarers to Mutual Endorsement

ENDORSEME project, was officially launched on December, 2021 and with a duration of 24 months, ENDORSEME project will facilitate the recognition of certifications of seafarers, including ratings, throughout Europe and worldwide. The integrated model that ENDORSEME project will utilise will bring together all of the seafaring qualifications such as Certification of Competence, ancillary STCW certificates and attempt to enable each certificate mutually accepted by the European countries at first and later in global scale in a reactive manner.

ENDORSEME project aims to:

  • Identify the problems associated with recognition/endorsement of certificates in a questionnaire-based needs analysis and information based on the investigation of undiscovered areas,
  • Develop a platform and complementary online tool for seafarers, shipping companies, MET institution to identify whether the certificates of seafarers are accepted/endorsed by one country to another.

ENDORSEME platform will cross-reference the certificates available to seafaring profession to provide a higher quality system that is suited to each individual member state. It will also enable MET programmes to be kept up to date with changes to requirements locally and internationally with minimum disruption to other core areas of the programme. The quality assurance system of ENDORSEME platform will enable the good practices to be seen and transferred to other member states as well as maintaining a high quality of education, training and assessment.

The ENDORSEME project partnership is composed by six major education and training centres, private companies, universities in several EU countries supported by their awarding, accrediting and/or certificating authorities:

  • Nikola Y. Vaptsarov Naval Academy of Varna (Bulgaria);
  • Maritime Innovators (Turkey);
  • Munster Technological University – Cork (Ireland);
  • Spinaker (Slovenia);
  • Constanta Maritime University (Romania);
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – UPC (Spain);

The kick-off meeting of ENDORSEME Project were held in Varna, with the host of Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov. The partners discussed the project rationale – objectives, intellectual outputs, project events, project activities, roles of partners, etc. Platform Project implementation (structure, work plan, time table, task distribution). They also focused on task specifications for partners on the intellectual output (01): ENDORSEME COMPETENCE MAP. The partners visited the facilities at NVNA during the second day of the meeting and distributed the tasks until the next partner meeting. More information on the ENDORSEME project can be found on the page